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What Pizza, Pot and a Walk Around the World Taught Me About Life and Leadership
with Jim Lucas

Life can’t be perfected, only practiced. When this theory is applied to running a business, you can build a culture of unlimited growth. You may not know it, but your organization's culture is far more powerful than the bottom line, and personal growth is the most satisfying value anyone, or any business, can create. 


Follow Bryan Nunes’ journey, from early childhood to present day, as he discovers life’s universal truths and creates a business practice based on values, awareness, and personal growth. 


Whether you're still discovering your own voice, thinking about starting a business, or mid-career searching for your mojo, Blown Away uses rich and entertaining anecdotes spanning five decades, to convey the essential nature of personal and business success. 


If you long for more meaning, and have a desire to expand your impact, exploring these pages will show you how to overcome self-imposed limitations, activate your awareness, and develop a business community with an intentional culture—whose collective imagination can remove any obstacle life throws at it.

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